About Us

about-usIDTessentials™ (“IDTe”) is a division of Source International, Inc., who since 1992 has been providing value added, consumer finance and insurance products to consumers, merchants, financial institutions and retailers nationally.



We’ve been providing Identity Theft Restoration products since 2006. Our mission at IDT ESSENTIALS™ is to offer individual and family identity theft restoration services at no-nonsense affordable prices while providing the most practical and up-to-date identity theft protection product available. We won’t inflate our prices by frightening you into purchasing a product you can obtain free, like Credit Freezes and Alerts; or may not need or use, like “Dark Web Monitoring”.  We will help you, and your immediate family, restore your credit from an identify theft for an incredibly sensible price.

Identity theft has become one of the most serious and fastest growing crimes in America and threatens many individuals and families. Data breaches occur almost daily and are an ever increasing event. If you experience an identity theft, we will help you restore your good name and credit to pre-event status.  We’ll provide you with coverage to reimburse you for expenses in the event you lose time at work, need an attorney, or incur other related expenses due to an identity theft.

IDT ESSENTIALS™ has selected experienced and reliable partners to provide the services and protections most essential to you and your family at a reasonable and affordable price.

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