Why IDT Essentials Identity Theft Restoration

Simply stated, IDT ESSENTIAL’S individual and family identity theft restoration is a very affordable identity theft product providing valuable benefits, services and reliability to help you protect you or your entire immediate family against identity theft.

Our individual and family identity restoration services do not include cyber and “Dark Web” monitoring which require personal information in order to activate, potentially placing you and your family’s personal information at risk. Credit and Dark Web monitoring will only tell you that your identity has been stolen and someone is using it or selling it. Having an identity theft restoration product in place is critical at this point. You can place credit freezes and fraud alerts by contacting the credit bureaus directly for this free service. This is a very effective way to help protect you and your family from identity theft.

A personal or family identity theft event can take a lifetime to correct without the assistance of an ID recovery specialist. Our identity theft restoration services can make your involvement minimal and has all the resources and protocols in place to help you restore your name and credit as quickly as possible.

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